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The National Field Selling Assocation offers four types of membership – Active, Associate, Affiliate and Supporting. Annual dues for each category are established be the Board of Directors and all applications are subject to Board approval.
Active Member: Any company manufacturing consumer goods, publishing periodicals, or under contract with a company manufacturing consumer goods or publishing periodical, who intends to sell their goods and services through direct salespeople.

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Door to Door

You may have been approached by a door to door sales representative in the past and wondered if they were selling something from a legitimate operation. Your question is not unwarranted and prior to the National Field Selling Association’s involvement, you should certainly be wary of such individuals. Today, the National Field Selling Association (NFSA) has worked diligently to ease your mind about the types and conduct of door to door sales representatives in your area. The two main types of door to door sales include door to door…
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