Door to Door Sales Companies

Door to door sales companies are established in many various locations.  They also employ young men and women looking for a better career and send them all across the country, giving them the opportunity to travel and make a better life.  How do you know which companies are legitimate businesses looking to provide excellent service and support to consumers, like yourself?  Ask if they are members of the National Field Selling Association (NFSA).

The NFSA has been upholding the door to door sales companies standards since 1987.  Any member of the NFSA is dedicated to creating a better name for the door to door sales industry.  These companies have vowed to not only treat their door to door sales representatives with respect, but have done so by investing financially in the NFSA which allows them to train their staffs with standards upheld by all members.

As a parent of children in the door to door sales industry,  there are several options available to you to learn more about the industry itself as well as the door to door sales companies that employ young men and women. The most important thing is to keep in contact with your young adult so you know exactly where they are.

Door to door sales companies and Professional Organizations

  • Email the National Field Selling Industry at
  • Visit, a website dedicated to the many success stories of the traveling door-to-door industries, such as magazine crews, chemical crews, book and encyclopedia crews, and many others.
  • Contact the NFSA through our Contact Us page.
Many door to door sales companies have decided to take matters into their own hands and not join with the NFSA in its mission.  We believe that our companies have made the right choice in staying.  Each of the companies draws on each others experiences and knowledge in understanding the marketplace and how to operate as a private, profitable business that values integrity in its salespeople as well as the managers that look out for them.  We welcome any door to door sales company that wants to join us and we ask that they do so, not only financially, but also in the spirit of honesty, and integrity.

Door to Door Sales Companies

Article: Door to Door Sales Companies
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